Terms and Conditions



The provisions set in this Regulation shall apply to the Clubs named Time To Fitness 24, Fitness 24, Workit24Hours, binding all those who attend them, the Members, and without prejudice to the special rights and obligations provided for in the Contracts celebrated between the members and PTES-Unipessoal, Lda NIF 510518087, or any other company authorized to explore the brand. The strict compliance of the provisions set in this Regulation is essential for the coexistence of all members and for the proper functioning of the Clubs, therefore, we appreciate the cooperation of all.


A) The facilities and services provided by TTF24, Lda. are generally assigned to its members. The membership is effective since the affiliation on one of our Clubs, which will occur by means of the registration and payments established in the price list, which will be displayed at all times in the reception, and which values and descriptions are an integral part of this Regulation. All prices include VAT at the legal rate in force.

The statute of member depends on the full acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth herein, as well as the regulations in force. TTF24, Lda. reserves the right to reject any application for membership.

B) The sport activities and services available to the members of TTF24, Lda. are set in this Regulation. TTF24, Lda. reserves the right to, at any time and unilaterally, change the terms and conditions established in the membership Contract, including but not limited to replacement of modalities, available equipment, services provided, schedules, teachers, prices, promotions or discounts. All changes will be communicated to the members by general notice posted for this purpose, in a prominent place, 30 (thirty) days in advance, except in specific situations.

C) TTF24, Lda. will provide an access card to the facilities. In case of loss or damage of the card, the Member shall immediately inform TTF24, Lda., that will replace it upon payment of a €25 (twenty-five euros) fee. Due to the personal and non-transferable nature of said card, it is strictly forbidden its sale, loan or transfer to another. The improper use of the card is penalized by a €75 (seventy-five euros) fine for each transgression, and implies the cancellation of the Member’s registration, if the Administration so decides, taking possession of the sums already paid.

“Never, under any circumstance, should I let someone other than myself enter the premises with my Membership Card, or bring anyone, particularly children’s. I will be penalized with a 75€ (Seventy-Five Euros) fee, per abuse/person whose entry I allow”.


A) To register at TTF24, Lda. it is required to:

– Sign the Internal Regulations in person or accept them in digital format, present a valid ID document and VAT number, provide proof of IBAN (for the direct debit payment option), choose one of the monthly fees on the price list;
– Pay the registration fee of €50 (Fifty Euros), the Personal Accident Insurance of €10 (Ten Euros), valid and renewable for periods of one year, and the first monthly fee at the time of registration.

B) The Membership will be automatically renewed as soon as one year has elapsed if the Member does not express their intention not to renew it, in accordance with Clause 7 B.

When the membership is renewed, the annual value of the Personal Accident Insurance will be charged by direct debit. For members whose monthly instalments are not required to be paid by direct debit, payment of the Personal Accident Insurance can be made at one of our reception desks or via our website, opting for one of the available payment methods.

C) Monthly Fees

Normal Plan – €29 (Twenty-nine euros) – Payment of the first monthly fee is made at the club reception, on the website or through the Sales Department, using one of the available payment methods, all other monthly fees must be paid by direct debit on the first working day of each month.

Whenever the debit is refused, a new attempt will be made to collect the payment by direct debit, and a fine of 5 (five) euros will be applied when the balance is returned.

Changing the IBAN indicated for making payments obliges the Member to inform the administrative services at least 30 (thirty) days before the next debit.

Payment by direct debit is compulsory.

Free Plan – €39 (Thirty-nine euros) – Members pay for registration and insurance, valid for one year, and the first monthly fee, after which they only have to pay for the months they want to train.

Family Plan – 24€ (Twenty-four euros) – Only valid if there are 3 people from the same household (ascendants, descendants and/or spouses), upon presentation of proof that they are family members. If one of the participants cancels the plan, the others will switch to the Normal Monthly Payment option the following month. Payment must be made by direct debit and is governed by the same conditions as the Normal Monthly Payment.

D) If the Member cancels the direct debit authorization, requests its revocation, or the debit is refused by any reason other than fund insufficiency, TTF24 is entitled to charge an extra fee of €10 (ten euros) for each month in default, and has the right to charge the remaining amount regarding the period up until the end of the Contract being the case referred to the company INTRUM JUSTITIA, with procedural costs applied to the Member in the amount of €50 (fifty euros) and/or Legal Action will be brought through legal means.

E) Late payments, or lack thereof, mean that the Member is unable to access the facilities and after 3 (three) months in debt, consecutive or interspersed, a collection process will be initiated through the INTRUM JUSTITIA company, with the appropriate penalties provided for in Point 3 D.


The minimum age for joining is 14* (fourteen) years old, unless there is a medical indication (in writing) for physical exercise. You can only join if accompanied by your legal representative, who will sign the Internal Regulations and the authorisation for the minor to attend the Club, and takes full responsibility for the physical integrity of the minor, as well as for any situation that may occur, including damage or other harm that they may cause to the facilities.

Visitors or guests who are minors* can only take part in experimental training by signing the authorisation of their legal representative.

All those who become members and are minors are provided with a Training Plan in the APP free of charge, as well as having to book an Initial Assessment and Orientation with the Personal Trainer, which will also be free of charge, if they miss the appointment without prior notice and wish to reschedule, they will have to pay before the service is booked, according to the price list.


TTF24, Lda. reserves the right to refuse refunds of any amount duly calculated and received for payment of its services.


TTF24, Lda. may suspend or terminate any membership Contract in case the Member presents a behaviour that violates the rules in force, or that may endanger the health and well-being of other Club members or employees, cause damage to the facilities, materials or equipment, or that may harm the reputation of the Club by any means whatsoever.


A) Members can request to transfer their membership to another person, which will be completely free of charge if the membership card is reused.

B) The Contract may be terminated by the Member, before its expiry date, on written notice, sent by registered letter to the company’s headquarters, placed at Rua Cipriano Dourado, N.º 14-B, 1600-428 Lisboa, or by email to socios@ttf24.com, 30 (thirty) days prior to the date on which it is intended to take effect If the 30 (thirty) days prior notice is not complied, TTF24, Lda. has the right to charge for the next monthly fee.

At the time of termination of the Contract, or on the last day of training, the Member is obliged to return the membership card. Otherwise, the Member will be obliged to pay for it, in the amount of €25 (twenty-five euros). This will also apply to members who have joined through the “no contract” option; by the end of the annuity, they are also obliged to return the card.


A) The visitor who shows interest in doing a daily workout must fill a Responsibility and Risk Assumption Statement at the Club’s reception, and takes full responsibility for his/her own health condition during the practice of physical exercise, as well as the use of the facilities.

B) Those who are already members may bring up to two people per year as guests, who must proceed as established in the previous paragraph.

C) Visitors/Guests can only attend the Clubs during reception hours and are subject to the same rules and usage conditions applicable to the Clubs’ members, namely the provisions set on this Regulation. Should the visitor/guest disturb the normal functioning of the Club, thereby disrespecting this Regulation, he/she will be asked to leave the premises.

D) The Club Administration reserves the right to decide on the admission of the guests/visitors.


A) Each Member is obliged to use a training towel and tennis shoes that do not come directly from the street, and use proper training clothes.

B) Members must pay special attention to the noise, in order not to not bother anyone, inside the premises or at the door of our Clubs. Should also avoid making noise and let the weights fell hard on the floor or the equipment’s during training.

C) Members must place all equipment and free weights in their proper place after use.

D) Members must use the equipment only for the time required to perform the intended exercises.

E) No bags or backpacks are allowed in the training rooms.

F) Members cannot train shirtless, with jeans, bearfoot, in socks or slippers.

G) The Member who voluntarily or for irresponsible usage damages a device, equipment or instrument used in the Club will be obliged to pay for its repair or indemnify the Club for the value practiced at the current market, without prejudice to other penalties, including termination of the Contract with no charges to be supported by the Club. This amount is enforceable, with the implication of the payment of the procedural costs and attorney fees to be borne by the Member.

REMINDER: In case of disrespect of the rules A, B, C, D and E TTF24 can apply a fine of 20€ (twenty euros) and block the access to the clubs.


A) Personal trainers who do not belong to TTF24 Clubs are not allowed;

B) If the Member does not know how to use the equipment available at the Club, they should ask at reception for instructions on how to use it, so that the Club Coordinators can direct the Member to one of the Personal Trainers available;

C) All Clubs have duly accredited professionals who have a contract with TTF24 for the provision of space, and all service provision, booking, payments and invoicing are the sole responsibility of the contracted PT;

D) The prices charged for PT Services are those stipulated by TTF24, and Professionals may not use prices other than those that can be consulted at the reception desks or on the website www.timetofitness24.com, unless promotions are in force;

E) All personalized training packs are valid for a maximum of 1 week for each session purchased, i.e., 4 sessions purchased are valid for 4 weeks and so on;

F) Whenever a member misses a session without 8 hours’ notice, the session will be cancelled by the PT, and if the PT misses a session without the same notice, he/she is obliged to give the missed session as well as another one as a gift.


A) All members are entitled to a random individual locker. All lockers are equipped with a lock, and members are required to bring their own padlock, in order to store their belongings.

B) After each usage, the Member must leave the locker open and vacant.

C) If the Club finds out the Member makes an improper use of the locker, the Administration reserves the right to open the locker and remove the existing belongings. After one week, in case the belongings are not claimed at the reception, they will be donated to charity (except for rented lockers).

D) If you lose your locker’s key and the Club’s reception is closed, please contact the Emergency Number posted at all our Clubs. If you damage the locker when trying to open it, you will be charged for its repair costs.

E) TTF24 is not responsible for any loss, theft or damage of any personal good inside its premises, including those stored inside the lockers (whether or not they were rented previously) or being used only during the training. Therefore, the owner disclaims any refund or compensation.


– Smoking is prohibited in any area of the Clubs, including the changing rooms;

– Animals are not allowed in the Clubs, with the exception of assistance dogs;

– TTF24’s facilities are intended for the practice of physical activities; Members may not sleep or reside there;

– No food may be eaten inside the exercise rooms or changing rooms; in the reception area, food may only be eaten if it has been purchased from our vending machines;

– It is compulsory to respect and enforce the instructions posted in the facilities;

– Members must make correct and prudent use of all material to which they have access.


– Members may use the Clubs 365 days a year. Each Club has its operating hours posted at the reception;

– The receptions are open from Monday to Friday, from 11h to 14h and 15h to 20h;

– TTF24, Lda. reserves the right to change the operating hours of the receptions or Clubs, whenever it might be necessary.


Lost items that are found by Club employees will be donated to charity institutions, in case they are not collected or claimed by their rightful owners within 15 (fifteen) days. TTF24, Lda. does not take any responsibility for lost objects, nor for any belongings forgotten inside the Clubs’ premises, Therefore the owner disclaims any refund or compensation.


A) All campaigns or promotions set and offered by the Clubs may be automatically changed, once the term previously agreed between the parties expires, not exceeding 12 (twelve) months.

B) Campaigns and/or promotions are not cumulative with others in force.

C) Members that have special discounts because of partnerships must make proof of their status annually in order to maintain them, otherwise they will be charged for the Normal Plan.


A) TTF24, Lda. reserves the right to perform maintenance activities to all equipment and electronic devices, among others, whenever it deems necessary and at any time, without prior notice.

B) Changes, modifications or renovations in the Clubs’ premises will be performed whenever the Administration finds necessary, placing a prominent notice at the reception and on the website, for an undetermined period of time.


A) Members must transmit at the reception of the Club, as soon as possible, any change to the address, telephone, e-mail or IBAN that they have provided at the time of their registration, in order to ensure a sound communication and service providing. Otherwise, the Club reserves the right to block or suspend the Member’s entry in the Clubs’ premises, until it possesses all the correct information.

All members’ personal data are submitted to automatic data processing. In accordance with the Data Protection Act and subsequent updates, and by signing the membership Contract, the Member expressly consents to the processing of his/her personal data by TTF24, Lda. In turn, TTF24, Lda. has implemented all appropriate measures, in order to ensure the safety of the information.

B) TTF24 makes itself available for any complaints, requests or suggestions from Members, which should be made in person or in writing, addressed to the Clubs’ Management.

C) TTF24 undertakes to maintain its facilities with adequate equipment, maintaining good environmental conditions suitable for the practice of physical exercise.

D) Members are made aware of the Regulations when they enrol, although they will be displayed at reception.

E) Claims of ignorance of these Regulations cannot be accepted as an argument for non-compliance, since enrolment will not be effective unless the Regulations are signed as a form of agreement. TTF24 reserves the right to amend these Regulations by means of a general notice posted in a conspicuous place.

F) Membership is governed by current Portuguese law, and the courts of Lisbon will be competent to settle any disputes between clients and TTF24.


A) For all purposes, including liability, I declare, according to Paragraph 2 of Article 40 of Law No. 5/2007 of 16 January, I do not have any problems neither congenital nor physical, that could endanger my health during or after the practice of any of the activities I intend to develop in the club.

B) I declare and guarantee that the personal data provided is true and I am responsible for its authenticity.

C) PTES, Lda. reserves the right to use my contact details to promote products and services, and may also use my image, suggestions and opinions freely and use them as advertising, promotion or publicity on social networks and in the media. If you do not authorise this, please send an e-mail to socios@ttf24.com

D) I accept and agree unreservedly to the terms and conditions presented here, which I declare to have read and understood in full, having signed digitally, through acceptance of the Internal Regulations received in the e-mail I provided to TTF24.